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HHL on Deutsche Welle

From viewers in Washington or Dar es Salaam to internet users in Delhi - those outside Germany wishing to obtain a German view of what is going on in the country or internationally use the Deutsche Welle (DW) media service. It gives millions of people worldwide an understanding of Germany. Lately, HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management was in the TV camera's focus. DW journalist Grit Hofmann said: "For our show 'Made in Germany' we were interested in a piece on the background of the world of business schools as a hotbed for tomorrow's leaders. Germany's oldest private business school served as an example to show our viewers the ambition and reality of these institutions." The protagonists of this documentary available in German, English, Spanish and Arabic are Professor Andreas Suchanek, an expert on business ethics, Nicola Rabba, a student originally from Bremen, Germany, and James Downs, an American-born graduate well-established in the Leipzig biotechnology scene and supporting his alma mater with its alumni activities. The history of HHL is of particular interest to the international viewership of the program which was first broadcast on TV last night (Tuesday) and is also available online. Professor Hans Göschel, former Chancellor of HHL, takes the viewer on a tour to Löhrstraße 3/5, today's Adult Education Center. In the historic assembly hall of the building HHL students worked up a sweat over tests and exams between 1898 and 1902. Journalist Grit Hofmann, who completed work on the documentary in the Berlin production studios, is looking forward to the result: "While we were shooting scenes with the students, I was surprised to learn how important a career and good jobs are to them. I was impressed how much effort HHLers put into that during their studies."

The piece in the show "Made in Germany" (November 8, 2011) you can watch on the Internet as Video on demand: www.dw-world.de/english/madeingermany Clicking on "Current Editions" -> "More Information" you can download the single piece. Next week, the piece can be found under "Previous Editions". Afterwards, you can find it in the "Archiv".

idw :: 09.11.2011