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GSaME - Graduate School

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Graduate School of Excellence advanced Manufacturing Engineering in Stuttgart

Graduate School of Excellence advanced Manufacturing Engineering in Stuttgart


The support of the development of young researchers is of utmost importance to the University of Stuttgart. With our dual, innovative doctoral program, and excellent record of advanced scientific research the Graduate School contributes to it immensely.

With cutting-edge research and inter-disciplinary training - from all areas of engineering - our goal is to develop sustainable scientific fundamentals in manufacturing engineering. We believe our doctoral candidates will be prepared for the challenges of the factories of the future.

Our focus is to incorporate the outstanding quality in research, training and supervision of doctoral candidates. The innovative nature of our doctoral program has been confirmed by another 5-year funding by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) within the "Excellence Initiative" and by winning the Best Practice Award for Improvements in doctoral theses in the field of Engineering.

The Idea

The collaborative, interdisciplinary research at a number of research institutes, non-university research institutions and companies from the private sector, combined with a theoretical knowledge, practice, technology, management and application is what makes the Graduate School innovative.

The dual training offered by the Graduate School, a combination of individual advisory and profile-specific training based on knowledge and experience of each doctoral candidate thus offers ideal conditions within a broad international scientific environment.

Further information can be found on our website: www.gsame.uni-stuttgart.de/EN/.