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Fraunhofer provides research services to customers in industry and the public sector. Our business is based on innovation, and our aim is to leverage science and research to develop innovative products and applications that benefit people.

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Fraunhofer research must always remain in touch with people as the only means of identifying current and future needs, and duly orienting our research according to the market.

Innovation for industry

Innovation is one of the key factors in commercial success. Knowing current customer needs, keeping up with the state of the art and quickly responding to market changes is essential to survival in the competitive global marketplace. Successful companies are well aware of that and value an innovation culture that delivers results.

Fraunhofer is a long-term partner who can help companies succeed. The institute develops, implements and optimizes processes, products and systems until they are ready for use and for the market. It helps their customers roll out new organizational structures and technologies in their companies. Fraunhofer provides contract research and innovations in virtually all application-relevant fields of expertise.

The vast majority of the Fraunhofer Institutes' collaborative research projects are with existing customers - testimony to their satisfaction with their work.

Europe and the world

Fraunhofer is currently Europe's largest organization for applied research, with more than 13,000 staff sharing a total budget of 1.3 billion euros.

Anyone looking to keep pace with their international rivals must tackle competition head-on, forge contacts and pick up on technology trends. Fraunhofer has therefore been operating research centers and representative offices in the world's economic powerhouses for many years - in Europe, the United States and Asia. More than 80 research institutions in Germany form the basis for international operations.

Excellent staff

Everyone working for Fraunhofer knows that research always aims to provide people with tangible benefits - a realization that highly motivates staff. Fraunhofer also provides a superb fertile environment for professional development. After all, the link between research and direct application adds up to practical experience - a quality particularly appreciated by customers and employers alike. So it is no surprise that Fraunhofer has always been an extremely popular choice among employers with a scientific focus.

For industrial customers, that means dealing with competent and highly motivated cooperation partners. And for the end users of the products and services that result from this development work, it is a guarantee that Franhofer consistently gear research to people's real wishes and needs.

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