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For outstanding young researchers: DFG Emmy Noether Programme

By Research in Germany

The Emmy Noether Programme of the German Research Foundation (DFG) aims to enable young researchers from Germany and abroad to engage in independent research and lead their own junior research group. The funding programme prepares young scholars and scientists for leading positions in research.

DFG Emmy Noether Programme
For a period of five years, it supports outstanding postdoctoral researchers in all disciplines who already have two to four years of research experience after completing their doctorates.

Applicants must have international research competence and pursue an ambitious research project. The programme is organised in such a way that foreign researchers continue their research careers in Germany when funding ends.
Since 2001, the DFG has supported the network of young researchers with annual Emmy Noether Meetings.

In July 2011, alumni and current participants in the programme came together in Potsdam to make contacts and exchange ideas at the tenth annual meeting.
The programme of the three-day event included a series of workshops and lectures concerned with subjects such as the organisation of a junior research group, reconciling work and family life and EU research funding.

The Emmy Noether Lecture, which allows participants to report on their own research, was presented by solid state physicist Christian Ast. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Emmy Noether Programme, he spoke about the programme's name giver.

More information: Birgit Gemein, DFG

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