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LMU München

The Excellence Initiative at LMU Munich

Excellence in research

In the latest round of the German Excellence Initiative LMU Munich again took the top spot: All of its proposals submitted in the second phase of the competition - four Graduate Schools, four Clusters of Excellence and its Institutional Strategy LMUexcellent - were selected for funding. LMU also plays an important role in a Cluster of Excellence hosted by the Technische Universität München. LMU was already awarded all three lines of funding in the first round of proposals in 2006, thereby receiving the highest level of appropriations.

LMU Munich is building upon its success in the Excellence Initiative to further strengthen its position as one of the leading research-intensive universities in Europe on an international level. By means of a consistent and systematic implementation of strategy processes across the University, LMU has succeeded in substantially enhancing its research profile and ensuring the sustainability of all three funding lines of the Excellence Initiative.

Graduate Schools

Four "Graduate Schools" in the fields of Neurosciences, Systems Biology, Classical and Ancient Studies, and Eastern European Studies will be funded by the Excellence Initiative at LMU Munich. The Schools offer outstanding doctoral students from Germany and abroad structured doctoral programs within an interdisciplinary and attractive research environment. Personalized academic mentoring through renowned researchers and diverse transferable skills training lay the foundation for scientifically-based and goal-oriented doctoral studies.

Clusters of Excellence

Four "Clusters of Excellence" in the areas of Nanoscience, Protein Research, Laser Physics and Systems Neurology will receive funding from the Excellence Initiative. LMU also plays an important role in a cluster in the field of Astrophysics hosted by the Technical University of Munich.In these research clusters, established investigators in various disciplines work together on solutions to problems of broad scientific and socioeconomic relevance - in close cooperation with non-university research institutions and commercial firms. The stature of the scientists involved and the quality of the research environment provided ensure that the Clusters also offer optimal training and career development opportunities for junior researchers.

The Institutional Strategy: LMUexcellent

In the second phase of its implementation, the central objective of LMUexcellent will remain the same - to make LMU even more attractive for the very best talents so as to further strengthen the quality of its research. LMU will vigorously pursue this goal by continuing to focus support on cutting-edge research and actively encouraging formation of priority areas, thus further enhancing its research profile. Programs for the promotion of early-career researchers will be restructured to increase their effectiveness. Recruitment policies designed to facilitate the appointment of outstanding scholars and scientists will be further developed. Finally, LMU's governance structures will continue to be professionalized. Within the context of LMUexcellent, an innovative concept for research-oriented teaching will be developed, and specific measures in the areas of equality and diversity will be put into effect.