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Excellence Initiative

By the DAAD

The government and society in Germany are key factors why the importance of science and research continues to grow. The Excellence Initiative was jointly launched three years ago by the federal and state governments.

The Excellence Initiative

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  • supports top research at universities, thus enhancing its international visibility
  • creates outstanding conditions for young scientists at universities
  • works to expand cooperation between disciplines and institutions
  • strengthens international networking in research - promotes equal opportunities for men and women in science
  • intensifies the scientific competition in Germany and improves the overall quality of the scientific community

The federal and state governments have earmarked a total of 1.9 billion Euros for the Excellence Initiative through 2011.

The funding is set aside

  • for some 40 "Graduate Schools" to support young scientists, with each school receiving about one million Euros per year
  • for about 30 "Excellence Clusters" to promote toplevel research, with each receiving approx. 6.5 million Euros per year
  • for "Future Concepts" to pursue the project-oriented establishment of top university research

The universities and projects were chosen by an internationally renowned panel of judges in a two-round selection process held in 2006 and 2007 and will receive additional funding through the Excellence Initiative until 2012 for their innovative research projects and support for young scientists.

Additional information is available on the Web site of the German Research Foundation at: www.dfg.de/en/»

DAAD, text: "Redaktion & Recherche, Berlin" :: March 2009