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Graduating in an international surrounding

The doctoral programmes at the Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies

The doctoral and postdoctoral programmes at the Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies

The Biology, Engineering and Clinical Scientist Tracks at the BSRT offer in-depth education in the specific disciplines as well as training across these disciplines. The PhD and Postdoc programs are run in English so young scientists from all over the world can join.

Close supervision

Young scientists require careful guidance by senior researchers as well as strong commitment for their work. It is BSRT policy that each junior researcher is supported by a mentoring committee of three experienced scientists who are experts in the different related disciplines. The mentoring committee meets on a regular basis. The senior scientists assist the younger ones in developing their personal research plan and discuss the progress of their work. They give advice in their highly interdisciplinary research projects and guide them in their career development.

All-round education

The students at the BSRT are introduced to modern scientific practices and state-of-the-art technology in training programs that are designed to fit the individual needs of each student. Biologists will learn aspects of engineering and clinical applications; engineers will be given insights into biological processes and clinical problems and medical students will receive special training in engineering and natural sciences. The scientific lab courses, lectures and seminars are designed to equip the students with all the essential skills to become successful scientists in regenerative medicine. The complementary courses will impart skills such as communication, presentation, languages and entrepreneurship in order to prepare young scientists for a future career in or outside academia.

International network

Internationally recognised institutions with scientists coming from different parts of the world are joined in their commitment to support and train the BSRT students across the disciplines and faculties. Beyond its collaborations and networks in and around Berlin, the BSRT maintains strong partnerships with internationally renowned universities such as the University of Oxford; Stanford University; Queensland University of Technology; the University of Pittsburgh and the National University of Singapore. These collaborations offer the opportunity for BSRT students to gain international experience from lab exchanges and get a flavour of the true global dimension of science.

Commitment and Creativity

The BSRT strongly encourages independent talents, curiosity and creativity and motivates students to actively participate in the making of the graduate school. In order to promote initiative, PhD students are given the opportunity to organise their own symposiums for their fellows around the world and retreats for scientific exchange and cross-talk with their peers in a relaxing atmosphere outside the laboratory. The BSRT opts for the best education and research and recognises scientific inspiration and achievements. A special annual award has been launched by the graduate school to reward young scientists for the best publication or poster presentation on advancements in regenerative medicine. The BSRT also organises an International Summer School each year for graduate students from all over the world who will get first-hand experience of the unique graduate training program of the BSRT.