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Tuesday, 16th December

Christmas Quiz

What do you really know about Christmas? Test you knowledge with the following questions! We will publish the right answers via Facebook on Wednesday. Enjoy!

1. What is the name of the second Christmas holiday in Great Britain?
a) Biking Day
b) Swimming Day
c) Boxing Day

2. In 1878 tinsel was first used to decorate christmas trees in Nuremberg. What did it symbolize?
a) gold for everyone
b) glittering icicles
c) angels' hair

3. When is the Christmas Pudding in Ireland prepared?
a) on the last sunday in november
b) an the third sunday of advent
c) on the first Christmas holiday

4. What do the Christian colors green and red refer to at Christmas?
a) fir trees and love
b) mistletoes and warmth
c) hope and the blood of Jesus Christ