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Thursday, 11th December

Laddus - Indian coconut balls for Christmas

In India people like to share snacks with each other and invite their friends and families for Christmas.
Here we have a recipe for a typical Indian Christmas snack:

Ingredients: (for 12 - 15 units)

200 ml sweet coconut milk
125 g desiccated coconuts
5 teaspoons of grounded almonds, a piece of butter

- keep 25g of the desiccated coconuts for later and mix the rest with the milk and heat it in a pan
- boil it for 5 minutes and then take it away from the stove and let it cool down
- sprinkle grounded almonds and the rest of the desiccated coconuts on a plate
- form small balls with buttered hands, put some almonds in the middle of it
- finally roll the ball in the desiccated coconuts and enjoy!

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