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Do I require health insurance?

Whilst in Germany you must ensure that you and those accompanying you have health insurance cover, regardless of whether you are a fellow or are here under a contract of employment.

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The cover must take effect from your first day in Germany. As a first step, check whether your normal insurance in your home country provides comprehensive cover in Germany. If this is the case (normally only if a reciprocal social security agreement exists between your country and Germany), then you will require written confirmation to this effect from your insurance company.

You need to arrange health insurance in Germany, the requirements may vary. Whether you opt for private or statutory insurance cover will depend on your income. If you have been awarded a fellowship, then you have no choice - you must be privately insured. Private insurance companies will take account of the length of your stay in Germany and there are special reductions for foreigners.

Whatever your circumstances, seek advice from your fellowship sponsor or your employer, and your insurance company before entering Germany.


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