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At which universities do academics find the best conditions for research? The new 2007 CHE Research Ranking revises its rating of six of the 16 subjects. Includes: Results for dentistry.

Dentistry was compared across 30 universities. The research indicators available in this subject include the third-party funding spent, the number of doctorates per annum, and details of the number of patents for which academics in this subject have applied. Reputation is described for information purposes, but was not taken into account when drawing up the groupings of universities where research is a strength for dentistry.

The research profiles of universities where research is a strength for dentistry

CHE Research Ranking: Dentistry
Source: CHE/academics.com

The table summarises the universities where research is a strength for dentistry. A university is called strong in research if it is placed in the leader group in at least half of all the indicators. The only university to make the top group in every indicator was the University of Freiburg. The universities in Göttingen and Regensburg both achieved five top placings, while the others comprising the group of strong research universities made the leader group in four of the seven indicators. Erlangen-Nürnberg, Freiburg and Heidelberg also enjoy a particularly good reputation for research amongst the academic specialists in the subject.

academics.com :: March 2008