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Building the Future - the magazine of the Zukunft Bau research initiative

In the second issue of the magazine "Building the Future", the german "Zukunft Bau" research initiative presents current results and background information from the field of building research.

The issue contains reports on completed funded research projects. It also deals with research trends and responds to building practice issues. "Zukunft bauen" is therefore not only interesting for researchers but also for students, architects and specialist engineers. The topics include - green buildings, - solar construction, - handling vacant and existing buildings, - planning and production concepts for urban housing, - new manufacturing methods for functionally graded building elements, - involving sustainability aspects when valuating individual properties and buildings. The issue focuses on interviews with stakeholders from the field of building research: Jürgen Ruth, Bauhaus-Universität, for example talks about the solar orientation of building and the search for design principles for convertible buildings and why he declares anticipation the new design concept. Hans-Dieter Hegner, responsible for the research initiative in the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS), talks about the future of building research. He demands that innovations should better respond to the megatrends of energy efficiency, lack of raw materials and demographic change. In her wallpaper factory in Leipzig, the architect Jana Reichenbach-Behnisch works on future perspectives of empty spaces. Furthermore, with the multiple house approach developed by herself, she explicitly would like to counteract the negative impacts of centralisation. Will high-tech projects replace bulk building materials in some years? The question will be answered by Tanja Brockmann, head of division at the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR). She estimates that the building material industry will have to prepare for taking back old materials and debris.

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mail: ursula.luhmer@bbr.bund.de reference: Building the Future publication

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