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Apply to the GCSC

The GCSC strongly supports applications from international PhD students. PhD candidates or postdocs who apply for one of the scholarships offered annually have to complete a multi-stage application process. Prospective doctoral students who already have funding from other sources may apply at anytime for membership at GCSC.

Besides its annual scholarships, the GCSC also annually grants membership to 35 to 40 Ph.D. students who submit a qualified project proposal. Even without a fellowship, membership is financially attractive since the GCSC in many cases covers travel and lodging expenses for meetings, conferences, symposia, or longer research stays within the framework of the dissertation project. The staff at the centre can also provide detailed advice on how to attract external funding while also giving practical assistance in how to write a research plans and cover letters.

At the present, over 90% of all GCSC doctoral students complete their PhD with the help of academic funding via scholarships or agencies. On the modalities of the simple application process, you can obtain further information on our website.

Applications for scholarships are subject to special rules that are also advertised each winter when the scholarship announcement appears on our website. Should you have any questions about the application process, you can receive detailed information at our contact address below or on the homepage of the GCSC, where we have put together a number of FAQs for you.

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