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University of Ulm at CeBIT: Keeping a clear view on complex business processes

The application clavii BPM Cloud, developed by Computer Scientists from the University of Ulm, helps companies to get a clear view on their business processes. Jens Kolb and his research team present their new, Cloud-based app to document and optimize complex business processes at CeBIT 2013 (hall 7, booth C40/Baden-Württemberg International/ March 5th-March 9th).

It's main distinctive feature: every employee gets his personalized view on the process, customized for his needs. For this, less important tasks of colleagues are summarized or even hidden. Changes or updates of one employee are displayed in all corresponding views of colleagues. Furthermore, it is possible to create visualizations for special needs e.g. to show tasks of a single department or only technical details. The idea to develop such an innovative app was born in the context of a project with an automobile manufacturer. In future, the application clavii BPM Cloud may facilitate the development of cars or simplify the handling of management processes.

"Business processes may comprise hundreds of activities and employees are easily loosing track. Through personalized process views our app helps to reduce complexity" explains Jens Kolb. The clavii BPM Cloud excels current industry tools. Furthermore, clavii BPM Cloud is able to convert graph-based process models to form-based or textual representations. This makes day-to-day work easier for persons with inadequate knowledge in process modeling (e.g. doctors or clerks). The unusual name "clavii BPM Cloud" is a combination of "clarus"(lat: clear) and "view". Thereby, BPM is an abbreviation of "Business Process Management". The app was developed by Jens Kolb, research assistant at the Institute of Databases and Information Systems, as well as the students Stefan Bueringer and Klaus Kammerer. Fundamentals on process abstractions were developed by Jens Kolb in the research project proView (Lead: Professor Manfred Reichert) at the University of Ulm. In the near future, the team plans to extend the app in order to execute processes. They also want to found their own company.

The worldwide largest computer expo CeBIT takes place from March 5th to March 9th in Hannover, Germany. Last year about 312,000 visitors attended the expo.

Founded in 1967, the University of Ulm enjoys an excellent reputation for innovative research, interdisciplinarity and successful training. Its 4 faculties (Engineering and Computer Science; Mathematics and Economics; Medicine; Natural Sciences) support some 9,500 students. The university plays a central role of the Science City of Ulm, not only as the region's biggest educational facility, but also as an important motor for R&D. The research profile of the youngest university in the state of Baden-Württemberg is characterized by its focus on life sciences and medicine, bio-, nano- and energy-materials, financial services and their mathematical methodology as well as communications-, information- and quantum-technology.

Further information: Jens Kolb: +49 731/50-24126, jens.kolb@uni-ulm.de

idw :: 01.03.2013