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"A wonderful child-focused campaign"

Why C&A managers were immediately inspired by the Texolotl Sales Promotion - Interview with company spokesperson Thorsten Rolfes

Düsseldorf (sh) Herr Rolfes, what motivated C&A to participate in the joint sales promotion campaign with OEKO-TEX®?

Thorsten Rolfes: C&A has already been selling large volumes of OEKO-TEX® certified products for many years and also the quality seal fits both with our value for money claim and our sustainability strategy. It immediately conveys confidence to our customers and it is therefore an important element of the various commitments that positively differentiate C&A from the competition. This is only one aspect. We were also won over by the child-focused design of the campaign. Texolotl is a wonderful tool to explain the complex subject of "textile safety" which is difficult to convey to the target group. Who isn't aware of children's "Why" questions - so we are delighted when the next generation receive answers to their questions in a type of language they understand with knowledge being imparted in a playful manner. This is exactly what Texolotl and his friends achieve in a nice and likeable manner.

What is the proportion of OEKO-TEX® certified products in the C&A range?

It is on average 30 percent. For baby and children's wear as well as for all products worn directly next to the skin such as underwear and socks, the proportion is significantly higher, whereas for outdoor clothing for example it is somewhat lower. C&A has instigated a restricted substance list in its supplier relations management which is very closely aligned to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 criteria and requires compliance with them. We prefer to err on the side of caution with our entire product range and our customers must believe us in this regard. Therefore the product seal gives them the certainty of an independent agency, resulting in clear added-value.

In how many C&A stores will the Sales Promotion take place?

Initially in all German stores which number around 500, in about 140 Austrian and 100 Swiss C&A stores. As from March next year it will also be rolled out in the flagship stores of major cities including Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Istanbul, Madrid and Paris.

idw :: 25.10.2012

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