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5 tips for a better search result
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5 Tips for a Better Search Result

by academics

Tip 1

Update your search profile regularly

We recommend you regularly check and adjust your search profile. You will get the best results if you follow all the tips below.

Updating your profile does not take more than a minute, but will greatly improve the quality of your search results. It will allow you to spot suitable vacancies much faster.

On your "My academics" overview page you will find your search profile(s) containing all stored search preferences and the number of matches. To edit your profile, simply click on "Edit search profile".

As a basic rule, the more accurately you select the main categories, the better your search results will be. The main categories are: Position, Field and Subject, Category, Country, and Job type.

If you receive too many unsuitable vacancies, you might want to select further main categories. Example: You have already chosen the position "Postdoc", "Research Fellow, Research Assistant, Research Associate" and "Researcher". In addition to this, you could use the filter "Country" to receive job advertisements only from Germany, for example.

If you receive too few or no vacancies at all, it is possible that there are currently no job advertisements in your field. Leave your search profile and the job alert emails unchanged for the moment. If the results remain unsatisfactory for a longer period of time, you should choose additional preferences within the main categories. Example: If you have selected only "Postdoc" so far, you might also be interested in positions for research fellows, research assistants or research associates.

Tip 2

Delete outdated, similar or duplicate search profiles

Duplicate or outdated search profiles should be deleted. You can do this by clicking on "Delete search profile" on the overview page of the "My academics" section.

Job alert emails contain the search results of all search profiles in one single list. This prevents that your job alert emails get too long and show the same vacancies twice.

Please note that you have to have at least one search profile.

Tip 3

Use keyword

Enter keywords to focus on professional priorities. You can enter several keywords separated by commas.

Job advertisements containing your keywords will be listed first in your job alert emails or on the website.

Example: If you are looking specifically for university professorships under the German salary grade W3, you could enter the keywords "university, W3". In addition, you can enter fields and core areas here that are not covered in detail in the categories offered, e.g. robotics, English philology, logistics, shipbuilding, organic chemistry, etc.

To edit your keywords click on "Edit search profile" on the overview page.

How to sign up for Job Express After signing up for Job Express you will receive suitable vacancies on a daily basis.

Tip 4

Sign up for Job Express

If you would like to receive information on new vacancies as soon as they are published, sign up for our Job Express.

This option is available under "My account / Password". For the question "How would you like to be informed about new jobs?" choose "As soon as the job is published".

After that you will receive suitable vacancies on a daily basis as well as job alert emails once a week.

Tip 5

Help via email

If you have any questions or problems, please contact info@academics.com.

The more information you provide, the better we will be able to help you. For example, explain in your email which vacancies did not appear in your job alert email or which job advertisements were absolutely unsuitable.